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Casa Tapas


This restaurant is now CLOSED!

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Claire, Dublin ...This place is amazing! The Valencia Paella is to die for. Every dish is great and very reasonably priced. Get the Sangria too!! nomnomnom...

Contact Details

704 Wilmslow Road
Didsbury, Manchester. M20 2DN
0871 434 6466

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Opening Hours

Monday 6pm-11pm
Tuesday 6pm-11pm
Wednesday 6pm-11pm
Thursday 6pm-11pm
Friday 6pm-11.30pm
Saturday 6pm-11.30pm
Sunday 5.30pm-10.30pm


Disabled Toilets. Licensed. Children's High Chairs.


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Claire, Dublin 5

This place is amazing! The Valencia Paella is to die for. Every dish is great and very reasonably priced. Get the Sangria too!! nomnomnom

Chris and Steph 0

this is the best tapas restaurant in the UK, without shaddow of a doubt, if anyone know's better, please do let me know! We visit casa tapas alot and have never been dissapointed, the meatballs are spectacular!

maria - stockport 5

a friend and i dined here last night on a saturday, the food was fantastic and reasonably priced we shared 7 dishes and it was still only 25, we had to wait 20 mins for a table as the place was really busy but the atmosphere was electric and the staff really friendly and helpful, i cant wait to go again.

fussy n floozy 5

From the moment we walked through the door there was a buzzz. So many people sitting eating,drinking & talking, the ambience was electric.
It was a Friday night and we hadn't booked,(to tell the truth we had gone somewhere else to eat and didn't like the look of it) and the guy behind the bar said we'd have to wait about half an hour, so we got a drink and sat down to wait.
My girlfriend (floozy) loves to people watch & this place is fantastic for that, so many couples dining and talking.
20 minutes & our table is ready, and this is where it gets better. The food I have to say was absolutely brilliant !!! don't know if you've tried Tapas or even know what they are, (I didn't until tonight). Tapas is a small dish of whatever you order, be it Lamb, Prawn, Chicken etc, and because it is a small dish you order 2 or 3 of each, & that way you get 4 or 6 different dishes to try.I was hooked, I loved every one of our 6 dishes. And the best part is to come, All of this and a couple of drinks and the bill came to less than 40 quid for the lot.
We have tried several other Tapas bars since and though neither of us have been dissapointed yet, I don't think any can hold a candle to Casa Tapas, The whole package is brilliant, friendly staff, excellent food and the atmosphere is superb.
This is where we go back time and again when we want a damn good meal

Andy 4

Five of us went last night. The place was busy for a Wednesday night. Service a tad slow because of it but the food was excellent. We had the banquet option - loads of dishes+paealla for 15! definitely worth it. Everyone thought it was excellent.


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