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16th March 2018

Cheshire Restaurants, Manchester Restaurants and Liverpool Restaurant news.
Friday morning already, newsletter time. Grab that brew and a digestive or two and take 5 mins off.
This week I have mostly been noticing lots of places closing down (Vao, Coast, Danilos, Bakerie, Pie & Ale, Stockyard and lot’s of the chains) …which is obviously sad news indeed, but it always surprises me that soon enough there will be someone else who thinks ‘I know five other restaurateurs have tried this place in the last 5 years but no, I know better, and can make it work’. Good luck to them like but it’s tough out there to make a living in food and drink. Maybe there are just too many restaurants, or maybe we arn’t quite spending what we use to. I know Donald Trump and brexit are making me stash what few pennies I have, waiting for this rainy that is coming….shall we all just say sod it, and go out this weekend?? To that little place you say you always go to but haven’t been for months? I’ll meet you there.
In more cheery news, we have had a massive 3, five word reviews in…
Regular 5 word reviewer, Carly, says ‘Saturday lunch, bland and uninspiring’ about the Con Club in Altrincham. Ouch.
ST in Warrington says ‘everyone’s favourite Chinese, Choy Hing’ see what he did there? Included the restaurant name in his 5 words, what a waste of words. Anyway it was more of a statement really.
Anna says that20 Stories in Manchester is ‘flashy and pricey, but good’. So good if you like flashy and pricey I guess.

In blatant plug time, Docket 33 down in Whitchurch are doing a pop up restaurant– the food these guys do is amazing. So have a trip out and go.
Top Spanish restaurantsEvuna have some great wine tasting nights coming up. Go to them.
Right I’m off to book myself in for some beer yoga at Thaikhun. (see news below).
Enjoy the weekend guys.