Success for Manchester food connoisseur at MediaCityUK

Carla Tomlinson is celebrating the success of her latest food venture at MediaCityUK – an American influenced eatery located in The Pie Factory.

Launched in October 2013, Penelope’s was born after Carla experienced a roaring success with her outdoor food outlets (located on the Piazza), DockGrill and Penelope’s Ice Cream.

Penelope’s eclectic interior and creative and varied menu has made it an attractive hang-out for MediaCityUK residents and workers and a firm favourite with many actors and directors filming locally.

Taking excitedly about her new venture, Carla said: “When we opened Penelope’s we were unsure of what response we were going to get, mainly as were away from the main food area on the Piazza. We thought it would be slow burner, but by day the the place was full to the rafters with people squeezing in where they could, from the floor to a corner of a sofa - anywhere so they could eat their lunch. The support we have received in our first few months has been fantastic, and I can’t thank people enough for their feedback and community spirit. We feel right at home here”.

Continuing she said: ‘We have already rented out the space a fair few times for private filming, evening parties and networking events. I can see the appeal for customers to eat here, as the food is gorgeous and made with passion and you can see that just by looking into our open plan kitchen. We have a great diversity of customers, so it really is a melting pot highlighting the community of MediaCityUK. We intentionally put in long benches to give a homely feel - so you can have a table with actors on a break between scenes, students studying from the local uni and directors all just hanging out together. We have had a no autograph/pictures rule from day one, as we wanted people to feel at ease here, we have old school picnic benches which a few interesting people have scribbled on and left their mark - which is a nice touch.”

Penelope’s Kitchen is open from 7:30am - 2.30pm (weekdays) and offers a range of hearty cooked breakfasts, pancakes, omelettes and bagels through to Carla’s signature hearty burgers, mac and cheese, chilli, sandwiches, toasties and soup all made on site by professional chefs using the finest local ingredients

Penelope's was set up with the help of the Princes trust Carla came up with the idea of Penelope’s kitchen from her time living in New York City.

Carla started her Penelope’s venture last year after she had been made redundant and been through a traumatic year looking after her young son who had been in hospital. Her goal was to be able to run a business that enabled her to work flexible hours and spend more time with her family.

Carla’s business has quickly gained a very loyal following and she has been trading very successfully since launch. She has been able to take on several members of staff, create employment opportunities, as well as supporting local businesses including bakers, butchers and local farmers.

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Posted: Tuesday 14th January 2014
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Penelope's Kitchen is a fantastic independent eatery based in the heart of Salford's Media City serving a wide range of delicious food ranging from deep filled bagels to their infamous burgers using local produce and neighbourhood suppliers.

After initially running with their Dock Grill summer pop-up takeaway cabin around the corner and Penelope's Ice Cream service in Spinningfields, Penelope has now set up permanently in The Pie Factory; which hosts many TV productions.

Providing a fabulous selection of entirely homemade dishes catering for takeaway, the health conscience and those after indulgent feasts, Penelope's Kitchen is proving a real hit with customers near and afar.

You see, Penelope has done a bit of travelling in her time; including a long stint in New York City and South East Asia therefore expect lots of diverse flavours and of course, the obligatory free coffee refills.

If you like good food (and let's be honest, who doesn't), then make sure you head down to Penelope's Kitchen for a beer and some homely food.