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Why Onionring?

With 15 years experience and tonnes of happy customers - businesses on your doorstep - we are the number one local, friendly web design company!

  • Responsive Design

    We'll make it look smart on a mobile too!! And these days it needs to.

  • Competitive Price

    We are great value, thats why many customers come to us and why they stay with us year upon year.

  • SEO

    Search engine optimisation (SEO) included, we'll get you up on Google - where you need to be.

  • Social Media Marketing

    It really works - Facebook and Twitter, as well as your own email newsletters! Thats what drives custom best and we will help you grow with a combination of them.

Does that sound good?

We are so proud of what we have built, here we show it off...


  • "Im delighted with the service. It means that we can make the most of our website."

  • "The design process was really simple. I met with one of their designers. He didnt baffel me with jargon and listened to my ideas. A week later the site was under development and I could check on progress. We would exchange ideas and soon the site was designed just how I wanted it."

  • "To update our website through our current designers would have cost hundreds - we switched to onionring and Im now getting a fair deal!"

  • "Our Onionring website has been a big success for us, and keeps drawing in new business through people searching on google."

  • "Onionring maintain the website for me. So if I want to change something I just let them know and within a day or two they have updated the website for me!"

The Techi Bit

Yes, we are geeks and we love our tech. Heres a bit of what were currently using...

Google Partner

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Google Analytics


  • Picture of Nick

    Nick Maycock Onionring Director

    Hi, Over the years we have built over 150 websites, mostly for restaurants but also into many other sectors, and designs with varying complexity. Now all our work is fully mobile friendly.

    There are no hidden charges, we include the first years hosting and updates so we can ensure your new website is working for your business.

    We hope you decide to drop us a line.