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16th Feb 2018

Cheshire Restaurants, Manchester Restaurants and Liverpool Restaurant news....

We just got a fax. At work. We didn't know we had a fax machine.
....The entire office just stared at it. I poked it with a stick.

Afternoon all (yes, I know this is suppose to be a morning newsletter, but getting that fax above set us back a bit. )
So, it's now year of the Dog apprently. Men born in the Dog year are straightforward and genuine. (Few names to back this up are...Donald Trump (?!), Michael Jackson (?!) and Justin Bieber (?!)...Well that all seems to add up.
Women born in the Dog year are very cautious. Let's see who fits this...Madonna, Dolly Parton and Sharon Stone. Again, concrete eveidence there that all this makes so much sense (??!!).
Right, I know you are dying to know how the 5 word review craze is going. Well (brace yourself), We only went and had 8 come in (Ok, OK, 3 of these were from my friends, but still 8!). Anyway let's get cracking on them...About Dogs and Dough,Manchester Dylan says 'Drink the Pabst Blue Ribbon'...Ok, we will. Thanks.
Carly says 'Amazing Malaysian curry, family friendly' about Rocket and Orange, Altrincham - great, i've been looking for curry the whole family can enjoy. Presumably it comes with a nann bread in the shape of a rocket or a colour by number poppadom? (you could do it with the different dips you see ?). Anyway, onwards....
Pete says the Bears Paw in High Lane is 'value for money, great options'. Nuff said.
Nick says about The White Lion in Alvanley 'super steak baguette, under £7' much under Nick? Bargain none the less, but we need more Nick, maybe a 2nd 5 word review at least to tell us if it was crisps or chips with it??..tell us more Nick!
And Finally (i'm holding back 3 incase we get none in next week...infact i'll facebook them out over the week).
Tim says Carpathia in Liverpool 'was 'delicious food, great live music'. So that sounds like a nice, fun place.

Don't forget to email me your 5 word reviews to, or reply to this. (For the love of god will someone email me! come on!)
RIght, got to go, websites to update and all that.
Have a good weekend peeps.

Opps, I forgot to point you in the direction of 2 damn good offers. 1) Abode Brasserie in Chester & Manchester are doing Chateaubriand, Fries & a Bottle of Malbec for Two for £49!

2) Coach House Chester are doing 50% off food in Feb. T & C's apply but nothing too scary. No actual interest rate is 1540% or anything like that - Just two good food deals.