Live Greek Music Nights

Monday 30th November -0001

Live Greek Music Nights at Sokrates in Sale on the first Thursday of every month. Enjoy the sound of the traditional greek instrument 'bouzouki' with tunes like Zorba the Greek and more. It will add an extra 'note' to your meal!
ID: 1545 - 1181

Please contact the venue for full details and to book.

About Sokrates Taverna

Greek, Cypriot and Mediterranean cuisine, in an easy going and relaxed setting.

A well established restaurant with an excellent reputation. Serving a variety of traditional dishes using the freshest and best ingredients.

An extensive and impressive wine list with a wonderful selection of wines from Greece and Cyprus.

The focal point of the menus is the 'Meze – Greek Banquet' which is always the most popular choice. This is a selection of little 'bites' and dishes from the menu (more than twenty) so in way you get to try a bit of everything by picking for a couple of hours with some good wine. It's a wonderful and very sociable way of eating. The Meze can also be tailored for vegetarians.