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About The Yummy Fisherman

Restaurant quality food delivered to your door. All our products are air blast frozen at source for guaranteed freshness.

Air blast freezing (or individually quick frozen -IQF) is a way of freezing the food instantly without all the water that people are now used to in markets, supermarkets and cash and carries. The fish is caught, filleted and air blast frozen (not packed in ice for weeks at sea soaking up water). It means that the food will stay fresh in your freezer for over a year, won't stick together in a big lump, won't shrink when you cook it AND has all the undiluted flavour that nature intended.

Our fish is sustainably sourced, we don't sell hormone fed meat or poultry and we don't sell machine manufactured processed food!

We're passionate about food and love to exchange recipes and will always have suggestions as to how you can enjoy our wonderful food.

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