Frankie attempts Slattery’s Ultimate Chocolate Challenge!

Mel's foodie friend Frankie headed over to SLATTERY'S where they are known for their beautiful desserts....

There are many things people wish to achieve by the time they reach the ripe old age of 25.

For some it’s to own property, for others it’s to settle I wanted to be crowned victorious in the Slattery’s Ultimate Chocolate Challenge.

My other half had given me full reign of how we were to celebrate my birthday, and what better way to see in my quarter of a century than to self-inflict diabetes onto myself?

Now, you may be unfamiliar with the glorious Mecca that is Slattery’s, so let me fill you in. Slattery’s is an award-winning Patisserie and Chocolatier based in Whitefield– whilst they’re Northern based, gastronomes from all over marvel at their pastry perfections and foodies travel far and wide to get a taste of their exceptional creations.

Thankfully for my stomach, living a mere 20 minute away from this delicious sorcery meant I could make up for a week of clean eating by spending the day in an abundance of their tantalising treats.

The Chocolate Challenge is reserved for serious chocolate enthusiasts and offers winners of the challenge a deluxe Slattery’s Chocolate Medal and a box of their finest homemade chocolates.

Winning chocolate for eating chocolate? Please, is this a challenge or just your average Monday in Frankie town? Regardless, this challenge sounds like a thing of my dreams.

For those of you who like to air on the side of a more savoury dish – Slattery’s goes the whole hog (almost literally) to ensure your tastes are satisfied. The menu is filled with flavoursome dishes from generously stuffed and toasted focaccia sandwiches, to delicate savoury tartlets and a rather delicious looking Doorstep Rarebit. (This was ordered by the lady dining next to us; it took momentous strength not to steal a forkful whilst she was otherwise engaged, discussing yoga balls with Barbara).

My partner ordered a special of the day; roast beef balm cakes served with a beef and vegetable jus.

Now, let straighten one thing out – these balm cakes, were no ordinary balm cakes. When I hear balm cake, I envision soft oven bottoms –a standard cob. Slattery’s however seemed to go gourmet when it comes to balmies; wide and white fluffy rolls with a crisp and crunchy lid, packed out with delicious, fall-off-the-bone carved beef. The jus was served by the bowlful, chock-a-block with fresh vegetables and a thick, gravy-esque consistency, providing a wonderful dipping side and fabulous moist-maker for the fluffy chunks of bread stacked upon his plate.

But enough about savouries, you’ll be hankering to know whether I Bruce Bogtrotted my way through the feast of chocolate anarchy which I so modestly ordered. As the kitchen doors swung open and the server struggled to balance the plate level, my platter of wonders received raised eyebrows and gasps as it made its way through the art deco dining room right to where it belonged, within my hungry grasp.

I had a moment of hesitation, was I prepared for my boyfriend to witness this side of me? This sweet-toothed, gluttonous, foodaholic who could potentially meet her sugary end at the hands of a well portioned slice of cake?

Ha, who was I kidding? He’s been well aware of my appetite since our first date when I requested a bowl of Shreddies to “warm my stomach up” before he dished up a 3 course home cooked meal.

As she placed the platter of chocolate indulgence in front of me I felt both a mixture of fear and excitement. A large portion (or a Frankie-sized slice I like to think,) of their American chocolate fudge cake consumed the majority of the plate with sidekicks of thick, snow-like whipped cream; melted white and milk chocolate and home-churned chocolate ice cream adorning the four corners of the perimeter, presented majestically in milk chocolate bowls.

I looked at my Everest, joyfully picked up a spoon and devoured.

The chocolate cake was soft and rich, with the most delicious chocolate fudge buttercream slathered onto every square inch of the opulently dark sponge. Every mouthful was as enjoyable as the last and only increased in scrumptiousness as I incorporated more of the plate together.

Delicately drizzling melted chocolate over the main event, casually spooning on thick, fluffy mountains of whipped cream only sent me further and further down the road of satisfaction as I forgot I was in competition with this luscious slab of magnificence and just enjoyed the craftsmanship before me.

My decent into a sugary downfall began after I had successfully demolished the fudge cake; whilst I admired Slattery’s for making their own ice cream, the taste against the chocolate cake sadly just didn’t do it for me. Perhaps without the cake the ice cream would have satisfied many a sweet-tooth, however against the richness of the cake the ice cream seemed bland and almost tasteless.

Combined with the melted lava chocolate however, in almost a homemade sundae fashion – the combination of different chocolates worked beautifully, a perfect treat for those wanting to satisfy a sweet craving without putting their sugar levels at too great a risk.

Sadly, I cannot cheerily announce that I was better than the Chocolate Challenge; the Chocolate Challenge beat me in the most fantastically, exquisitely way possible. Whilst there is no time limit, I could have stayed longer to battle it out – however I had an incredible urge to lie down for 4-5 hours and there was limited space on the table.

The service at Slattery’s was nothing short of wonderful. Friendly and engaging servers, full of lovely chatter, some of which was exclamations of shock that I was able to eat so much;

“You’ve eaten more than most of the men!”

A comment of which filled me with both pride with a hint of self-loathing.

Slattery’s Ultimate Chocolate Challenge won that day...but every day I grow stronger and more confident that I’ll be able to justify my appetite next time around. That’s what 26th birthdays are for are they not?

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Posted: Friday 27th November 2015
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