Famous Sandon owner embarks on bid to help female rough sleepers receive vital sanitary support.

Kate Stewart highlights ‘unique medical issues’ facing homeless women as period poverty increases.

The driving force behind Liverpool’s famous Sandon pub, Kate Stewart, is spearheading a new campaign to help homeless women get appropriate sanitary and hygiene support.

The Walton-born entrepreneur, who starred in Channel 5’s 'How the Other Half Live’ with Eamon Holmes and Ruth Langsford, says that female rough sleepers face distinct medical issues that are often forgotten about.

She says recent news coverage surrounding period poverty resulted in her decision to take to the streets of Liverpool to help address the issue.

Speaking to the Liverpool ECHO, mother of four, Kate said:

“Late last year there was much press coverage about period poverty and the impact the costs associated with sanitary products are having on women. I then thought about women living on the streets or those in homeless shelters and how they, more than most, need support.

“Before Christmas my staff and I went onto the streets of Liverpool and spoke to some of the rough sleepers. It became clear very quickly that there is an urgent need to provide them with help. I quickly got together some emergency parcels consisting of sanitary towels and other cleaning products and we delivered them to those in need.

“I’ve since visited the Whitechapel centre to offer my support. I met with those fundraising for the charity and have discussed giving them my long-term support with a particular focus on helping women. Women need more support because they face unique medical issues and this is often forgotten about, and is vital that we raise awareness about this.

“There was a lot of noise at the end of last year about helping rough sleepers, but just because the festive period is over does not mean the problem has gone away. There is a lot more to do and I’m intending to be very much involved.

"In a way we are lucky to have a Mayor in Joe Anderson who is so committed to eradicating homelessness, and the amount of money the City Council spends on tackling the issue demonstrates this. I’m intending to meet Joe to further highlight the issues affecting women and can hopefully continue to play my small part in supporting fellow women who have fallen on hard times.”

Official figures from the charity Crisis estimate that homelessness in Liverpool has soared to record levels in recent years, with more people than ever forced to sleep on the streets.

Kate Stewart made her name by transforming the fortunes of Liverpool’s once much-loved Heritage Market. The entrepreneur went on to open a string of beauty salons across Liverpool and has since moved into residential developments.

Posted: Tuesday 23rd January 2018
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