The Spoon Inn

Chorlton, Manchester
0161 881 2400
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About The Spoon Inn

The Spoon Inn is a coffee, bar, tea house located in Chorlton, South Manchester. We aim to hold numerous events on our premises from live music, poetry and art, where we will be offering our services for artists to exhibit their work in our gallery.

Our range of products are sourced from all corners of the world from family run farms and small businesses. They will be prepared and presented to customers in the traditional manner as they were intended to be. We hope to put the emphasis on the quality without the extortionate prices.

We are by no means experts but we take pride in understanding our own products because we are passionate about them. We hope this passion comes across to our customers in our products and service.

The Spoon Inn is established and run by three local Mancunians. The three of us respect and love the passion that Manchester holds within its people and their characters. See you all soon!

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